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Sun King, Louis the Fourteenth believed in dazzling splendour and radiance…

So no wonder his famous Palace of Versailles was the birthplace of the parquet floor in the late 1600s…

Are your parquet floors maintaining this great tradition of class, elegance and sophistication?

Or, having seen better days, casting a shabby shadow over your property?

If so, it’s time for a spot of polishing..

from the experts in parquet floor repair and restoration –

Polishing Parquet Floors

Call us in to create the floors you deserve.

Whether in the home: a great asset – proud and shiny

Or in the world of commerce or the public arena:

your competitors will turn green when you welcome visitors and customers with your newly-polished parquet floor..

to the office or shop; bar or restaurant; gallery or museum; sports hall or school room; civic building or library…

Restoration and polishing can be performed in much the same way as with conventional floorboards – with even more

spectacular results!

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Parquet Floor Repair and Restoration

How we’ll work for you:

Your requirements come first. Your precious parquet floor can be restored to reflect the quality of your property and your lifestyle.

We’re a family firm dedicated to completing the best job with a high level of personal service in a friendly manner. We’ll examine your floors, talk to you – and find out what you require


We have over twenty years of repairing, restoring and polishing all kinds of floors –

So no matter their age and however poor their condition, we can bring yours back to their original beauty.


Our team members are full trained and highly skilled – and several have been with us from the beginning.

All are members of the national trade body – the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA).

The complete service for beautiful parquet

Parquet was invented as a practical solution to the problem of water rotting the joists on wooden floors.

The placing of wooden blocks on a solid sub-base enabled creativity in design to be unleashed. The diverse arrangement of squares, triangles and lozenges – along with the contrast between their differing shades and grains – created a range of beautiful and impressive floor surfaces.

After a detailed assessment of your floor, we’ll set out the options.

What kind of floor do you want? Something to make visitors gasp at the sight? A hard-wearing surface requiring minimal maintenance – or something in both camps?

Stains and sealants embrace a wider choice than ever before. We’ll demonstrate the different types, with their advantages and implications – to show you what they can offer in terms of looks and protection.

We’ll itemise the cost of each stage in the restoration process – to help you decide on the most appropriate package.

To keep disruption to your domestic or commercial schedule to a minimum, we can work flexibly – at weekends or even overnight.

On the day

Each room has to be completely cleared of furniture and old coverings. We can help move large items and dispose of old carpets in a responsible manner.

The Down to work

Repairs come first, by securing any loose or uneven blocks.

For missing blocks or damaged areas, we’ll replace with unwanted blocks from adjacent rooms or source them from our network of suppliers of old and reclaimed blocks.

Parquet comes in a great diversity of shapes and sizes – the period 1930-70 saw it installed in a variety of properties. So we’ll find the right match or cut them to size! Any small gaps can be filled with a mixture of wood dust and resin.

Old hearths or fireplaces? We can remove these and fill in the space with fresh blocks.

Sanding away

The repaired floor is now ready for sanding: using efficient cylinder machines to remove all traces of old paint, varnish or lacquer on the wood.

Dust and mess? Modern sanding is practically dust-free.

Our machines have a unique collection system – dust is collected in bags placed outside each room. Along with the sealing of doors and windows, we guarantee 99% dustfree sanding!

For those awkward corners and areas, we use handheld machines or even hand-sanding to make sure every part of your floor is left smooth and perfect.

A change of hue?

The bare blocks may be stained to complement your decor: from a bright modern look to the traditional dark shine of drawing rooms and hallways.

A clear stain enhances the wood grain: a coloured one gives depth and a floor to match walls and ceilings.

We offer a wide of water-based stains – and recommend staining and sealing in two distinct stages. The colour is much easier to control during application – and remains fast underneath the sealant as the latter wears away.


The essential stage to complete the process: sealing the floor for an attractive surface that will withstand the pressure of feet and potential damage.

Make your choice from:

  • natural oil: the traditional sealant for beauty
  • hard wax oil; provides harder wear –
  • and penetrates the wood leaving a non- glossy surface.
  • lacquer – a versatile, synthetic sealant for a hard-wearing surface ideal for high traffic areas in the workplace or home.

Modern lacquers have shaken off the old plastic look and their water-base provides a completely safe environment around pets and children.

As in all our work, we use floor restoration materials of the highest quality. They provide the best value, being both endurable and keeping their good looks.

Easy after-care

Your new polished floor will be benefit from modest regular attention:

Give oiled floors a light ‘refresh’ coat as the surface dries out.

As lacquers fade, a light sanding down and a thin fresh coat will make them anew…

A simple sweeping is preferable to the use of vacuum cleaners – whose revolving brushes may contain grit to scratch the surface.

Keeping moisture to a minimum is key – with a damp mop being all that is required.

Testimonials from Our Customers

James C
Polishing Parquet Floors did an outstanding job restoring my parquet floors. Their team was professional, ...
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James C
Polishing Parquet Floors did an outstanding job restoring my parquet floors. Their team was professional, efficient, and highly skilled. They paid great attention to detail, and the transformation of my floors was truly remarkable. The finish is impeccable, and I highly recommend their services for parquet floor polishing and restoration.
James C
James C
Grace P
I'm extremely satisfied with the service provided by Polishing Parquet Floors. They completely revitalized my ...
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Grace P
I'm extremely satisfied with the service provided by Polishing Parquet Floors. They completely revitalized my floors, making them shine beautifully. Their attention to detail and quick service are commendable. I highly recommend them without hesitation.
Grace P
Grace P
Daniel H
When I needed a quick and professional parquet floor restoration, Polishing Parquet Floors delivered beyond ...
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Daniel H
When I needed a quick and professional parquet floor restoration, Polishing Parquet Floors delivered beyond my expectations. They completely brought my floors back to life, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their work is top-notch, and I'm a delighted customer.
Daniel H
Daniel H
Olivia M
I had the privilege of working with Polishing Parquet Floors on a commercial project, and ...
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Olivia M
I had the privilege of working with Polishing Parquet Floors on a commercial project, and they were exceptional. Their team was punctual, professional, and highly skilled. They successfully restored our office parquet floors, making them look brand new. I highly endorse their services for both residential and commercial projects. They truly know how to bring out the best in your parquet floors!
Olivia M
Olivia M

Our Before & After Images

How to sand a parquet floor?

Do not panic if you have an intricate parquet floor that’s in need of sanding. The popular advice of always stripping with the grain is slightly more complicated with parquet floors, due to the nature of the flooring with its many wooden blocks. Below we offer some advice on parquet floor renovation and how to sand your parquet floor the right way.

Parquet floor sanding - the right way

The correct way to sand a parquet floor is always at a 45 degree angle towards the wood grain. So always keep this in mind when using a floor sanding machine or sanding sheet, if only repairing a small section of floor.

Is the floor level?

Before you even begin to sand you have to make sure that the floor is level. This means ensuring that all wooden blocks are stuck firmly to the floor, are not unevenly placed, and that there is no grit or foreign objects on the floor. It’s essential to have a smooth floor before you begin, to protect both the floor and the sanding machine.

Sanding the wooden floor

You can now start to sand the floor. Remember the 45 degree angle rule and use a 40 grit sander to remove those deep scratches from the parquet floor surface. Go over the floor once, and then go over it again with the same depth of sander. You will also need to use an edging sander with a sanding disc. You are then ready to fill in any gaps and seal the floor. Ideally when you need to sand a large parquet floor, you are best using specialist floor refinishing equipment and dust free sanding machines that can be hired from a specialist wood flooring company.

Parquet floor sanding and finishing tips

When sanding a parquet floor, remember to remove all deep scratches and to hoover the floor once sanding has finished before applying the varnish. Fill all gaps and buff the floor once you’re done for a smooth finish.

Floor sanding and polishing a parquet floor is certainly an acquired skill. You may be best using a floor sanding service who specialise in parquet flooring. To find out more about our excellent parquet flooring restoration services, contact us today.